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Products with Pupin are in the market: the PTT network, the companies and institutions, in the energy industry, the railways, in our homes, for many decades. Always in accordance with the requirements and needs, Pupin followed and actively participated in the development of electronics and technology in the world.

We started the 1947th , immediately after the Second World War, with modest means, the few skilled staff and in old, unsafe building PTT workshop. Owing to hard work of enthusiasts, young professional staff from the Belgrade Faculty of Electrical Engineering and skillful master of his profession, tt mechanics and technicians, is now the largest manufacturer of modern communication devices and equipment for control and traffic control.
Even today Pupin with its employees extensively engaged in the development and manufacture of electronic, especially telecommunication equipment, which in the modern world of information are indispensable means of communication necessary for the exchange of data and information
Pupin Telecom’s main business includes:
Public digital telephone exchanges, switching systems and data (X.25, Frame Relay, Ethernet, ATM ,..), cable distribution systems (KDS), business communications systems (Omni PCX), transmission systems (xDSL, PDH, SDH , ..), optoelectronic transmission, telephones and public telephone booths, and many other devices and equipment in the field of telecommunications in the development of their own or through licensing and business-tehniiku cooperation with leading international firms. Pupin Telecom offers interested users a complete solution, including all necessary technical assistance from the conceptual design and project start-up equipment and systems in operation and training of professional staff customer.



Factory Pupin was founded in 1947. The decision of the Serbian government building in the former PTT repair workshop in Vozdovac with 128 employees, mostly TT mechanics and skilled workers.
The first product in that period were CB telephone exchanges and telegraph electromechanical devices.
Already 1952nd The arrival of the first generation of electrical engineers from the Belgrade Faculty of Electrical Engineering, defines a new profile Pupin and begins intensive introduction of electronics. Pupin retains the basic orientation – development and production of telecommunication equipment – the domination of telephony, telegraphy and railway signaling, which is then not only the domestic market required.
Year until 1960. have been a period of intensive development of Factory and penetration in the field of radio, electro, signaling, measurement electronics and military equipment.
Strong growth of production in the newly conquered areas of electronics and telecommunications, a significant increase in the number of engineers and technicians, and lack of required manufacturing space there was a dislocation of some production units and the establishment of new factories.
Pupin in 1970. completed relocation to its new location in Zemun Polje izaposliio large number of engineers and tehnničara.
During the period from issuance of certain production-program activities from Pupin factories have been established:


Pioneer factory, the development of radio communications and electronic measuring instruments

Tool Factory was established in 1963. in cooperation with the factory from BelgradeNikola Tesla

Formed the nucleus of plant HF devices 1963rd which was then formally founded in Zemun

Separation of railway signaling founded in 1968. Factory FSU

Separation of cable accessories was founded and built a factory in Kosovo Polyester1972nd

Joint venture with U.S. company GTE 1980th established a factory of home digitaltelephone exchanges Pupin-GTE

Joint venture with French company Alcatel 1990th founded the company in a public digital telephone exchange Alcatel Pupin Yugoslavia.

The basic strategy of Pupin, as in the past and today, Pupin determination to be the bearer of technological development.
Pupinje all times during their activities developed extensive cooperation with leadinginternational companies, national institutes and scientific organizations, using the latesttechnology transfer opportunities, collaboration or licensing of industrial cooperation, andto introduce new products, technologies and knowledge. Thanks to this business policiesPupin now a renowned proizvorača modern telecommunications systems and devices.
On the list of business partners, there are several names of the world’s leadingcompanies with whom the Pupin Telecom achieve successful cooperation, such as:ALCATEL, PHILIPS, GTE, R & M, JUNIPER, RIVERSTONE, TADIRAN, AUTELCA,GAMATRONIC, CHEROKEE …
Intensive cooperation has developed with local institutes IRITEL, IMP, as well as IPB.
From the very beginning of Pupin has achieved significant development results that arerightly proud of:

  • 1958th Pupin first in the country introduced the technique and application of printed circuittransistor
  • 1966th in cooperation with the Institute (now IRITEL) won the first commercial homeelectronic telephone exchange
  • 1980th in cooperation with the firm GTE ugrarena first digital telephone exchange
  • 1985th in cooperation with the firm Siemens PTT enabled network first Telegraph SPCexchanges
  • 1989th in cooperation with the firm Siemens commissioned the first public data network -JUPAK
  • Produced and edited over 2,500 KEATC PBX
  • Manufactured and assembled in the PTT network of over 2,500 systems PCM 32/30
  • Produced more than 1.8 million phones.
  • Pupin was also actively involved in building production capacity.
    To expand its activities and the introduction of new modern technologies, primarily digital communications, Pupin 1979, 1984. and 1986. build new facilities. Now possesses business area of ​​24,000 square meters.

Export activities Pupin were notable:
The most important export market in the past were: Turkey, Russia, Indonesia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Belgium, Kuwait, Angola, Zimbabwe, Greece and other countries.
Pupin was the last time and went through a period of integration and disintegration:

  • 1958th Pupin teams up with plants “Nikola Tesla” and “Avala” from Belgrade who formed the company “Belind” (Belgrade electronic industry).
  • 1961/62 “Belind” from Belgrade and Divisions RR “from Nis founded the” Electronic Industry “(Ei) as a single legal entity in which Pupin loses a legal entity as well as other plants, Members Ei.
  • the “Law on Associated Labor” comes to the creation of departments, so Pupin again becomes a legal entity what remains to this day, although the organization belonged to the working Telecommunications Organization (TRA), based in Belgrade, and in the complex organization Labour Ei (Ei SOUR).
  • 1991st then SOUR Ei launches initiative to transform the SOUR Ei holding organization and asks the former departments and now the company, transferred the ownership of their property. Undefined interrelationships that affect most companies give up that kind of association, including Pupin, who then performs an internal transformation to form Pupin – a holding company with eight companies.
  • Modern organizational form Pupin was still topical.
  • In order to achieve better business results and more efficient operations, Pupin introducing modern business organization and management carried out its own restructuring in Pupin Telecom as a holding organization in his box there are eight companies that cover all areas of digital communications, signal techniques … With the French company Alcatel has established a joint venture for production and marketing of digital telephone exchanges called: Alcatel Pupin Yugoslavia doo
    Of the business the past few years was delivered to the domestic market (PTT), about 1.5 million telephone connections in joint operations; over 400,000 ports of telephone exchanges in their own development solutions and other products.
    2005th The Pupin Telecom has carried out the reorganization, and in accordance with the BOL in the form of a mixed holding company, 5 doo